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Energy Conservation Duct Indoor Unit

Energy Conservation Duct Indoor Unit

Duct air conditioner system is a drag-and-drag form. An outdoor machine is connected with an indoor unit. The indoor unit directly blows cold air to each room through air duct. The air duct is arranged in the wall ceiling, and the air flow is controlled by a valve. The installation quantity can be selected according to the demand. Popular point is that duct type indoor unit has wall hanging function and the appearance of central air conditioning. The price is lower than that of one tow N central air conditioning, but it has balanced and comfortable air outlet of central air conditioning. It is a kind of air conditioning species that combines beauty and benefit.

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The duct type indoor unit is arranged in the ceiling, which avoids direct air-conditioning to the human body and can be installed in a suitable position. Through reasonable design of air return, the cooling capacity of the air duct machine is evenly distributed, so as to maximize the comfort enjoyment of customers.

High cost-effective;  the duct type indoor unit not only enable customers to enjoy the effect of central air conditioning, but also relatively cheap.

Compared with cabinet-type and hanging-type air-conditioners, air duct machines are more reasonable in space utilization, not occupying land area, which can save high house price cost for owners, and will not cause sanitary dead angle, only need to do partial ceiling.

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