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Central air-conditioning coil system works

Fan coil air conditioning system works, is to use the fan coil unit to continuously circulate indoor air, so that it is cooled or heated through the coil to maintain room temperature and a certain relative humidity. Cold or hot water coil used by the supply of cold and heat sources. At the same time, the fresh air collected by the fresh air conditioner room will be delivered to air-conditioned rooms through special fresh air pipes to meet the hygiene requirements of air-conditioned rooms.

Compared with the centralized system, the fan-coil air-conditioning system has no large wind tunnel, only the water pipe and the smaller fresh air duct. The utility model has the advantages of convenient arrangement and installation, small space occupation and individual adjustment, and is widely used in temperature and humidity precision Not demanding, the number of rooms, the room is small, the need for separate control of comfort air conditioning.

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