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Fan coil maintenance

Fan coil is usually installed directly in the air-conditioned room, the working status and quality of service will affect the indoor noise level and air quality. Therefore, air filters, drip trays, coils, fans and other major components must be routinely serviced to ensure that the fan coil functions properly and does not have a negative impact.

The coil is responsible for transferring the cold and hot water of hot and cold water to the air passing through the fan coil. In order to ensure efficient heat transfer, the surface of the coil must be kept as clean as possible. However, since fan coil units are generally equipped with rough filters with large perforations, dust will inevitably pass through the filter and adhere to the surface of the pipe or fin of the coil at the beginning of use. If not cleaned in time, it will reduce the heat exchange between hot and cold water in the coil and the air flowing outside the coil, so that the coil heat transfer performance can not be fully realized. If the attachment of a lot of dust, and even some of the fins between the air channels are blocked, then the fan coil will reduce the amount of air supply to further reduce the air conditioning performance.

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