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Vertical cabinet fan coil function and features

The vertical cabinet fan coil is mainly composed of centrifugal fan blades, coil (heat exchanger) and microcomputer control system. It is the end device of the central air conditioning system. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and Office buildings and other rooms or large space industrial and civil air-conditioned buildings occasions to meet the cooling, dehumidification, heating and other requirements for people to create a fresh, quiet, seasons such as spring work and living environment.

1, the shape of the thin, elegant appearance, the use of new aluminum centrifugal wind wheel, quiet operation, low noise, safe and reliable. Long life, each coil has been pressure leaks: out of the water pipe (header) using forged brass structure , Reliable and durable, the service life of more than 45,000 hours.

2, high efficiency, energy enough, seamless copper tube with a string of sets of high-performance two-way fissure aluminum fins into one expansion, heat transfer efficiency, rich in heat and cold. Full-featured, easy to use. Fan coil has the third gear speed (high - in - low), the timer switch. Automatic temperature control, room temperature digital display, at a glance, microcomputer control operation.

3, the use of internationally renowned single-chip micro-computer control core

4, high reliability design, anti-interference ability.

5, two working modes: refrigeration, heating

6, third gear speed control: high speed. Medium speed, low speed.

7, two kinds of wind direction control: artificial, automatic.

8, temperature measurement, display, setting and control.

9, timing functions: regular boot, regular shutdown.

10, heating delay protection.

11, panel keys and remote control dual operation

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