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Wall-mounted fan coil main features and features

1, exquisite structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable product structure, selected sound-absorbing insulation materials, fire insulation

2, good design, small size, small footprint, light weight, good strength, can be easily arranged in any place.

3, high efficiency, coil with high quality seamless copper tube and aluminum louver-type heat fin, the mechanical expansion tube to ensure close contact with the fins and brass, play the best heat transfer effect, the product strictly tested before leaving the factory After 100% of the pressure leak test (leak test pressure 20kg / cm2), failure minimal, to ensure product quality and performance.

4, less head loss, head forging made of brass, the water flow evenly distributed, outlet filled rotary knob exhaust valve, can easily discharge the air inside the machine.

5, the province of electricity, low noise, long life, the use of new technology developed and produced a dedicated fan motor, shaft quenched and tempered hard chromium special treatment, the shaft will never be deformed, no rust, brass oil-bearing, automatic Lubrication, no noise when turning, low input power, galvanized impeller configuration, the dynamic balance adjustment, with beautiful, good air supply, low noise, the service life of up to 45.000 hours.

6, aluminum alloy cross-flow wind wheel, long life - for the wall-mounted units in winter heating, deformation and other shortcomings wind wheel, and scientific research units, developed at high temperatures can run aluminum alloy cross-flow leaves, thus solving the The unit in the winter heating problems, extending the service life.

7, control is simple, full-featured - Wall-mounted units are used microcomputer control. Infrared wireless remote control, full-featured trigger at a glance, with a timer switch, temperature settings, third gear speed (high - in - low) automatic adjustment, automatic wind direction and other functions. Can also choose the temperature control switch, according to your design room temperature, automatically open and close, to bring you quiet and comfortable work and production environment.

8, easy to install, easy to maintain, in line with the needs of on-site construction, as long as you remove the windmill fixed plate and outlet flange interchangeable position immediately take over the direction of its takeover, this special design to save time and effort to install, very convenient. Products using total quality management system of production, the factory before the rigorous testing and testing, especially with a condensate drain and drainage devices, easy maintenance.

9, air conditioning capacity, heating capacity and other performance parameters are measured in the following conditions:

Cooling capacity measurement conditions: dry ball 27 ℃, 19.5 ℃ temperature ball, water temperature 7 ℃. Temperature difference 5 ℃,

Heating capacity measurement conditions: dry ball 21 ℃, water temperature 60 ℃

Air volume measurement conditions: the outlet static pressure is 0.

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