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3-kinds Of Fan Coil Unit Control Methods

1, The use of three speed switch, by controlling the fan start and stop and three winds to meet the indoor requirements. But inaccurate control requires manual adjustment.

2. Install electric two-way valve on the water pipeline to control the break of water flow in the pipeline to meet indoor requirements. But the fan is not easy to control and can not achieve the goal of complete energy saving.

3, The use of central air conditioning room temperature controller. Indoor temperature is detected by the temperature sensor inside the controller, and the difference between them is obtained by comparing with the set temperature. Then, according to the fuzzy control theory, the high performance chip can automatically adjust the speed of the fan, so that the indoor temperature can reach the required temperature as soon as possible under different conditions. Because of the room cooling and heat load, the room temperature will again deviate from the set value, when the deviation value is more than 0.8 degrees Celsius, the fan re-entered low-speed operation.

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