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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cassette Type Fan Coil Unit

Advantages of cassette type fan coil unit


The cassette type fan coil unit is an open-ended device, but because it can be suspended in the ceiling, it does not occupy any space. Moreover, its appearance design is very good, looks very beautiful, does not affect everybody's use at all. Therefore, in many big occasions, people want to save space, but do not affect the aesthetic, they will choose it. At present, there are mainly luxury shopping malls and all kinds of welcome rooms for the use of cassette type fan coil units. All these are due to its advantages. Its shape design, smooth lines, and the body is also small, it seems that the entire design is reasonable, beautiful and tidy. Will not affect the design of the entire room, and the entire room decoration can cooperate with each other.

The cassette fan coil can be supplied to all sides, taking care of all aspects. Its air distribution is very uniform, so it can feel the wind on all sides. So in any corner of it, you can feel its effect and effect. It is for this reason that some big field partners have to choose it. In fact, it has many advantages, but these advantages are most representative, because other wind turbine coils do not have such advantages.

Disadvantages of card type fan coil units


Because the cassette type two outlet fan-coil unit is decentralized, the amount of maintenance and management work is large; because the card type two outlet fan-coil unit static pressure is small, so the card type two outlet fan-coil unit can not use high-performance air filter, resulting in low air cleanliness; installation card type two outlet fan-coil unit When the coil is in conflict with the layout of the building, it is necessary to coordinate and cooperate with the building.


The cassette type fan coil unit has won the favor of consumers because of its unique advantages, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and comprehensive air supply. After all, so the product is not perfect, we choose the fan coil, or according to their own personal needs to choose the best for their own. In order to meet the needs of different occasions, fan coil units have many different shapes, different functions in different places of use are also different, we can choose according to their own preferences and needs.

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