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Anti Freezing Measures For Horizontal Horizontal Fan Mounted Coil Units In Winter

Anti freezing measures for horizontal horizontal fan mounted coil units in winter


1. The design of central air-conditioning should consider the problem of winter antifreeze. Hot water is recommended as the means of antifreeze, and steam and electric heating are not supported. Steam anti-freezing is also possible, but it is prone to uneven temperature. Horizontal concealed fan coil unit has a higher upper temperature, and the bottom has begun to freeze. Electric heating also does not support the use of electric heating, first of all, electrical heating is prone to danger, and then electric heating is more electricity-intensive, not energy-saving, control should also pay attention to not a single horizontal concealed fan-coil switch, should be controlled by all.


2, if winter does not use horizontal concealed fan coil units, it is recommended that:


A. let all the water in the horizontal fan coil unit be released.


B. adds blind plates to water supply and backwater.


C. uses compressed air to blow (depending on the size of the horizontal concealed fan coil to determine the time of compressed air blowing).


D. Adding antifreeze fluid to the horizontal concealed fan coil unit does not necessarily need to be filled, but it is necessary to ensure that the liquid of the horizontal concealed fan coil unit is fully diluted by the antifreeze fluid.


E. design plus circulating pump.

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