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Application Of Fresh Air System In Building Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, building energy efficiency is a hot topic. According to statistics, modern buildings consume about one-third of the world's energy, while building carbon dioxide emissions account for nearly half of the total emissions, which is much higher than the proportion of transportation and industry. More than half of the city's carbon emissions come from the building itself.

The benefits of the new wind system for buildings are also discussed from the basic switch window. More and more attention is paid to building energy conservation and insulation today, our residential can achieve insulation, insulation, airtight performance, thus preventing air circulation, prevent the loss of indoor cold and heat energy. But in a closed and insulated space, harmful gases gather to produce turbidity, which leads to a decrease in oxygen content in the air, affecting our health, which is not detectable by smell. In order to solve the problem of air pollution, the usual solution is to open the window ventilation, but open the window ventilation, will lead to indoor heat and cold energy loss, while destroying the building's overall insulation system, but also make the outdoor dust, noise into the indoor. So the contradiction between windows and windows has never been solved. The fresh air system is a product of the system arising from this contradiction. Under the condition of indoor door and window closed and thermal insulation, fresh air system is used to replace indoor and outdoor air to recover the energy from outdoor exhaust gas. Under the premise of retaining indoor energy, the system can send fresh air into the room, exhaust the exhaust gas, and filter the dirty air outside the room.

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