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Attention Points For Installation Of Air Conditioning Units

Installation of air conditioning units more or less will encounter some minor problems, in the assembly time may be able to avoid these unnecessary problems, the following Jiangsu Kaihong air conditioning for everyone to make a few comments can effectively avoid the installation of air conditioning units in small problems.


1. the air conditioner and the indoor unit should be as close as possible to minimize the number of elbow pipes.


2. Both outdoor and indoor air conditioners should be equipped with rubber pads between the racks and supports to reduce vibration transmission.


3. Connecting gas and fluid pipes must be insulated, not welded together. For convenience and support, they can be tied together, but each other should be spaced with insulating materials. Glass fiber insulation and sealing materials are wrapped around the refrigerant pipes to reduce vibration and maintain flexibility.


4. Close the shutoff valve of outdoor unit and indoor unit. After welding the pipeline, leak detection should be done. After proper vacuum and drying, if refrigerant is needed, liquid refrigerant should be filled into the opening beside the liquid shutoff valve.


5. the drainage pipe should extend out of the building and its drainage must not flow to the wall.


6. In the first start-up or long-term shutdown to restart the power supply must be switched on ahead of time to heat the crankcase at least 6 hours. (unless the compressor surface temperature is at least 10 degrees above the ambient temperature).


7. the surface of condenser evaporator should be kept clean and cleaned regularly.

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