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Attention Should Be Paid To Dust Disposal For Fan Coil Units In Daily Use.

Fan coil units are usually installed directly in air-conditioned rooms, and their service status and quality will affect indoor noise level and air quality. Therefore, we must do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the main components such as air filter, drip, coil and fan, so as to ensure the normal function of the fan coil, and do not have a negative effect.

Coil is responsible for transferring the cold and hot water heat to the air passing through the fan coil unit. In order to ensure efficient heat transfer, the surface of the coil must be kept as clean as possible. However, as the fan coil unit is generally equipped with a coarse filter, the hole is relatively large, and in the beginning of use, it is unavoidable that there is dust passing through the filter and attached to the pipe or the surface of the rib. If it is not cleaned in time, the heat exchange between the cold and hot water in the coil and the air flowing through the coil will be reduced, so that the heat transfer efficiency of the coil can not be fully brought into play. If there is a lot of dust attached, even the part of the air channel between the ribs is blocked, the air supply of the fan coil will be reduced, and the air conditioning performance will be further reduced.

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