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Causes Of Easy Blockage Of Card Fan Coil Unit In Living Room

The leakage of water often occurs in the Ricardian fan coil unit in the guest room, which is usually caused by condensation water if the pipes and valves are not damaged. Leakage outside the catchment pan of the fan-coil unit is mainly a problem of heat preservation, which can be eliminated by strengthening the heat preservation. For example, in the catchment pan, the condensation pipe of the fan-coil unit is not smooth, which is caused by the overflow of condensation water. The method of dredging the condensation pipe is usually to prepare a 4.5 meter long plastic pipe, and insert the condensation drain pipe at one end. The head is connected to the bathroom faucet (a small joint can be made and screwed on the faucet by threads). The pipeline can be dredged by water pressure or purged by carbon dioxide cylinder.

The phenomenon of blockage of condensate pipe in card fan-coil unit is frequent. This is mainly due to the presence of water in the card fan-coil unit of the guest room, coupled with the appropriate temperature, it is easy to have algae reproduction and growth, resulting in gelatinous and slippery residues, which will block the condensate pipe. Abroad, algae-killing drugs are often placed in the catchment pan of the card-type fan coil unit in order to reduce its harm. The condensate drain pipe of fan coil unit of central air conditioning is always blocked, and water often leaks from it. Once blocked, there will be a lot of biological sludge, which is very dirty.

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