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Characteristics Of Copper Tube Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil Finned Evaporator

Copper tube hydrophilic aluminum foil finned evaporator:


1. Fins: corrugated or flat.


2, copper tube adopts high purity seamless copper tube, long life, not easy to rupture corrosion.


3. The end plate of coil outer frame is made of high quality steel plate. It has high strength, corrosion resistance and easy assembly.


Copper tube hydrophilic aluminum foil finned evaporator features:


1. The unique way of cross pipe ensures that the whole coil is evenly distributed on the windward area.


2. Fins and copper tubes are mechanically expanded or super-high pressure hydraulic expanded to ensure close contact and good heat transfer effect.


3, the spacing between the sleeves is large, which reduces the influence of frost on the coil of cryogenic system.


4. The inner loop of coil pipe adopts single and double reflux system according to the design flow rate, which has small water resistance and good heat exchange performance.


5. The refrigerant coil is heated and vacuum dried at high temperature to ensure that there is no impurity water in the cavity.

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