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Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil air conditioning system is a fan and coil (small surface heat exchanger) consisting of a unit installed directly in the air conditioning room, the fan will be part of the indoor air circulation (through the air filter to filter and coil cooling or heating) After directly into the room, in order to achieve the indoor air temperature and humidity control purposes.

The fresh air needed in the room can be infiltrated through the doors or windows or directly through the fresh air outlet provided in the room, or the outdoor air can be treated by the fresh air treatment unit and sent directly to the room to be transferred or the air inlet of the fan coil Department of mixed with the indoor air after the fan coil heat and humidity treatment into the room. The coolants and heat media that cools the air are provided by the centrally located cooling and heating sources. Therefore, the fan coil air conditioning system is a semi-centralized air conditioning system. At the same time because of this air-conditioning system cooling capacity or heat are respectively brought by air and water into the air-conditioned room, so this air-conditioning system is also known as air-water air-conditioning system.

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