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Chiller Water System VS Freon System

The household central air conditioning can be roughly divided into two systems: water system and fluorine system. The two are connected by an outdoor machine to a number of indoor machines to supply cooling to the interior evenly through the corresponding transport medium.

Most people know that the central air conditioning system is divided into water system and fluorine system, but it is not clear what the difference between the two is, or whether the water system is good. Or is the fluorine system a little better?

Let's compare these two system.

1. Air supply comparison

When the water system is running, the outlet temperature is generally 15-18 degrees, the air supply is gentle, and the refrigeration speed is slow. The running temperature of the fluorine system is generally 7-12 degrees, which is like the feeling of the ordinary household machine. The air supply is stronger and the refrigeration is faster.


    2. energy efficiency comparison

The water system is divided into the internal and external parts of the air conditioner. The internal and external machines are linked through the pipeline, and the circulating cooling water is in the pipeline. Because the specific heat capacity of water is large, the greater the utilization rate, the more energy saving, and more suitable for large area use.

The fluorine system is a refrigeration system composed of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The internal and external machines are linked through pipes, and refrigerants (such as Freon) are used in the pipes. It is suitable for small apartment use and has advantages in low utilization rate.


   3. Comparison of comfort

The main factors affecting the comfort include temperature, humidity, air flow structure, wind speed, and negative ion concentration. The water system is not easily lost because of water, so the temperature gradient is small. If the fluorine system is used for a long time, the room is dry and easy to create discomfort. Humidifier can be placed in the room to humidifier and increase air humidity.


  4. comparison of security

The refrigeration system of the water system is concentrated on the external machine. It is safe and reliable, and the working pressure is low. Even if the indoor water system appears partial leakage, it is easy to find leakage points for leakage.

The refrigerant of the fluorine system is distributed in all parts of the system, and the working pressure is very high, and the probability of leakage is great. Once the leakage occurs, the refrigerant in the tube will harm the atmosphere. Moreover, the leak point is not easy to find, which increases the difficulty of maintenance.

   5. comparison of working life

The life of the water system is usually 20 years, and the fluorine system is 15 years.

By contrast, we can find that the biggest advantage of the water system is comfort, which is in line with the family of high-end apartments that pursue comfort and taste. The biggest advantage of fluorine system is high efficiency. It can solve the problem of refrigeration and heating in a shorter time and space. It is suitable for small household use.

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