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Coil Characteristics

Fan coil body structure is exquisite, compact, durable, beautiful appearance and noble and elegant. Fan coil using high-quality galvanized sheet shell, condensate water tray molding process using integrated molding, no welding seam, solder joints, in line with the norms of the overall insulation materials connected to the water tray. Fan coil small size, light body design. Drainage and wiring installation is simple, about takeover and return air ways can be changed at any time, in line with the scene. Fan coil efficiency, advanced expansion process to ensure that the heat exchanger brass and aluminum foil in close contact with good heat transfer performance; fan coil noise is low, reasonable design of the fan and airflow structure, high-quality sound-absorbing insulation materials, Make the unit noise lower than the national standard 1-3dB (A); fan coil energy consumption is low, the fan and heat exchanger reasonable match, third gear adjustable air volume, the fan electricity most power.

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