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Considerations Of Installing Fan-coil Soft Joint To Assemble Fan-coil Unit

Firstly, the size of the two end joints of fan-coil unit should be measured accurately to see if there is any misalignment and the size of the misalignment. According to the situation, the soft joints of corresponding specifications should be selected, and the length should be slightly reserved.

2. When installing, first remove the original connector, and then install the connector on the pipe interface of the fan coil water supply and return water. Pay attention to tightening the seal to prevent leakage.

3. The joints should be bent beforehand. When the joints are bent beforehand, the looper nuts should be placed at both ends of the soft joints to avoid clamping the nuts when bending the pipe.

4. Installation of glass is prohibited during installation. Items should be handled lightly. Once the sealing surface is damaged, leakage may occur, resulting in secondary installation, increasing unnecessary trouble and wasting human and material resources.

5. Installation should be completed to check whether the connection is firm and whether there is leakage.

Fan coil unit is mainly composed of low noise motor and coil. Fan coil unit will cool or heat indoor air or outdoor mixed air through surface cooler and send it into the room, so that the indoor temperature can be reduced or increased to meet people's comfort requirements.

The assembly of fan-coil unit is related to whether air quality can be improved. When fan-coil unit is assembled, attention must be paid to the selection of motor. When static pressure is required to detect the noise of the unit, the motor should not make a roar. The size of the fan coil unit should be carefully chosen, and the requirement of the air volume should be more careful. It should be careful not to select too large or too small. In addition, attention should be paid to the sealing problem of the fan coil unit when assembling. When the fan coil unit is operated under dry condition, it can achieve the environment of no condensation, no humidity and no bacteria breeding in the construction room, and can effectively improve the air quality of the air conditioning room.

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