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Difference Between Fresh Air Units And Ordinary Air Conditioning Units

1, the new fan unit is used to deal with fresh air, in a large building, the general new fan unit and fan coil together with the use of fan coil, fan coil + fresh air unit in fact, and air conditioner almost. In general, the air conditioner itself has a fresh air outlet, fresh air is used to ensure the quality of indoor air, and supplementary indoor exhaust. Since the fan coil unit does not have a fresh air outlet, all new fans are required. The treated fresh air provided by the new fan unit and the returned air treated by the fan coil unit are either mixed first and then treated by the fan coil unit, and then sent to the room.


2. The fresh air unit mainly deals with outdoor air, and the air conditioning unit is used to deal with the air treated by the fresh air fan, but the fresh air fan can return, return air can also have fresh air, the purpose is to better adjust the temperature and humidity and other parameters.


3. Generally speaking, the new fan unit does not bear the heat and humidity load of the air conditioning area, the main function is to supply fresh air, of course, the ideal state is that the temperature and humidity of the air supply is constant, so the new fan unit generally controls the temperature and humidity of the air supply.


4. Air conditioning unit load air conditioning area of the heat and humidity load, the air conditioning area plays a comprehensive treatment role, while ensuring a certain amount of fresh air. Air conditioning units usually control the temperature, humidity and air quality of the air conditioning area, and the air handling process is generally more complex.


5, air conditioning units for the air treatment of relatively new fan units in the process is relatively complex, so air conditioning units are often used in large areas of public areas can not install fan coil units, and the new fan units with fan coil units installed in a small space.


Both the use and installation of air-conditioning units and new fan units are more common, new fan units and air-conditioning units are different, but can complement each other, Inode recommends that you install new fan units at the same time, and then each room is installed separately fan coil, this can be done to complement each other's strengths, but also can achieve more. Add energy and comfort.

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