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Fan Coil Characteristics

Fan coil in the manufacture of high quality materials, its compact, durable, and no weld, etc., which also makes the fan coil provides great convenience. Continuously through the air within the room where the unit is recirculated, the air is cooled after passing through the cold water coil to maintain a constant room temperature. At the same time the fan coil work is also affected by other factors, the fan coil air volume must be certain, water temperature, water supply changes, the cooling capacity changes with the water supply changes, when the water supply volume changes when the impact on the cooling capacity is relatively slow . Fan coil for the return temperature difference is certain, the higher the water temperature, the greater the decline in cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity decline. Water supply conditions, the fan coil air volume changes, the cooling capacity is generally reduced, the enthalpy difference increases, the unit cooling capacity fan power change little. Fan coil inlet and outlet temperature increases, the water decreases, the heat transfer coefficient of heat transfer coil decreases.

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