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Fan Coil Works

The fan coil mainly relies on the forced action of the fan to heat the air through the surface of the heater, thereby enhancing the convection heat exchange between the radiator and the air and rapidly heating the room air. Fan coil is the end of the air conditioning system, the working principle of the unit is to continuously recirculate the air in the room, so that the air is cooled (heated) through the cold water (hot water) coil to keep the room temperature constant. Normally, the fresh air is sent to the room after being treated by the fresh air unit to meet the fresh air requirement of the air-conditioned room.

Because this heating method is based on convection heat transfer, which can not achieve the best indoor comfort level, it is only suitable for places with shorter residence time such as offices and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, hospitals and exhibitions Halls, shopping malls and office buildings and other rooms or large space industrial and civil air-conditioned buildings occasions. Due to increased fan, increased cost and operating costs, equipment maintenance and management is more complicated.

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