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Fresh Air Supply Mode Of Fan Coil Central Air Conditioning System

The fresh air supply of fan coil central air conditioning system is mainly in the following ways.


1. By means of the infiltration of outdoor air and the mechanical exhaust of indoor air, the fresh air supply unit basically only deals with the indoor circulating air. The characteristics of the system are that the initial investment and operating costs are low, but because of the influence of wind direction and thermal pressure, the fresh air volume can not be controlled, and when the outdoor air pollution is serious, it will not be filtered. But the cleanliness of the fresh air is very bad. When the air is exhausted in the bathroom, the short circuit often occurs, and the fresh air out of the room can not enter the room normally, so it is difficult to ensure indoor sanitation. Therefore, this method is only used in the case of fewer people, especially when the fan-coil air-conditioning system is installed in the old buildings and the fresh air pipes are difficult to distribute.


2. If the fan coil unit is installed near the outer wall, this method can be adopted. At this time, a hole should be made in the outer wall, and a short pipe should be set up to introduce fresh air into the unit. This method has less investment and saves building space. Although this method ensures the fresh air better, it will change with the fresh air load. The indoor parameters will be directly affected. It is not suitable for high-rise buildings, but only for buildings with less stringent indoor air parameters.

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