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Future Development Prospects Of Fan Coil Industry

Although the development of fan coil industry is relatively mature and the production and manufacturing threshold is low, the quality and characteristics of the product are directly affected by the end equipment of the central air conditioning, and the consumption of the products has been paid more and more attention. Therefore, in recent years, fan coil units have begun to develop towards mute, energy saving, comfort, personality and appearance.

As a subsidiary product of central air conditioning equipment, fan coil usually will be bids or sales by bundling. Therefore, domestic and foreign central air conditioning manufacturers will provide fan coil for customers to choose. Various grades of products are complete.

However, limited by capital, some domestic projects can only buy low price fan coil products from small factories, which has brought up many domestic enterprises engaged in low end fan coil production. These enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Jiaodong peninsula with Shandong Dezhou as the center, Jiangsu Jingjiang as the center of the Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong, the three major regions, the sales of these enterprises more than tens of millions of yuan are called "a large scale" fan coil production enterprises. The industry believes that due to fierce competition, market prices are very chaotic, more than 80% of small and medium enterprises product quality is worrying.


Therefore, central air-conditioning enterprises and well-known fan coil manufacturers can only concentrate on the high-end market. The relevant personnel of the market department of a foreign capital enterprise said that the simple control of the temperature of the fan coil can not meet the demand of the middle and high end market, so the differentiated products will be more competitive.

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