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Help You To Know About Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil is the terminal equipment which widely used in the central air conditioning system. Selecting a right model is a very key problem, but how much do you know about the type of fan coil? It can be categorized as follows:

1, according to the form, it can be divided into five types: horizontal concealed, horizontal clear, vertical and vertical, and vertical.

2, according to the thickness, it can be divided into ultra-thin and ordinary type.

3, according to whether there are condensate pumps can be divided into: ordinary type, luxury type;

4, according to the static pressure of the unit, it can be divided into: 0Pa, 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa, 80Pa, etc.

5, according to the number of rows, they can be divided into two rows and three rows.

6, two pipe system and four pipe system: two pipe system is common fan coil that in summer use cooling water for cooling, in winter use hot water for heating; four pipe system fan coil unit is normally used in some more luxurious places. Four pipe coil can take hot water and cold water at the same time, that is, it can be refrigerating according to the needs of some rooms, and some rooms are warm.

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