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How Much Is The Future Of Using Water As Refrigerant?

Refrigeration technology is always developing towards high efficiency and environmental protection. But is it very promising to use water as refrigerant?

There is a German company called efficient energy, which uses water as a refrigerant to replace the much-criticized Freon, and there are already products in commercial production applications, the product is eChiller.

Water (R718) is environmentally frien

dly and inexpensive. Using water as a refrigerant has always been the dream of refrigeration industry scientists, many predecessors have tried to use water as a refrigerant, suffering from not getting the desired results, but the company has succeeded, how do they use the principle?

1. System principle

1. 蒸发器:水进入处于真空状态的蒸发器,在蒸发器中有少部分的水蒸发,从其余水中吸收了热量,使得剩余的水冷却。

1. Evaporator: Water enters the evaporator in a vacuum state. A small part of the water evaporates in the evaporator and absorbs heat from the rest of the water so that the remaining water is cooled.

2. 离心压缩机:蒸发后的水蒸气被压缩机压缩到原体积的1/3左右,压缩后水蒸气的压力和温度都上升了。

2. Centrifugal compressor: The vapor after evaporation is compressed to about 1/3 of the original volume by the compressor, the pressure and temperature of the vapor after compression are increased.

3. 冷凝器:在冷凝器中, 被加热的水蒸气直接冷凝到循环冷却水流中,其所含热量释放给了冷却水。

3. Condenser: In the condenser, the heated steam condenses directly into the circulating cooling water, and the heat contained in it is released to the cooling water.


Two, operation mode


The system adopts modular design, and two chambers (modules) are interconnected. According to the required cooling load and external temperature, determine the required refrigeration capacity, and which parts or modules need to run.


The operation mode of the system is divided into four modes: natural cooling, natural cooling +, single-stage operation and double-stage operation (full load operation). However, unlike other traditional natural cooling modes, the system's internal passive cooling design works even when the outdoor temperature is only slightly below the chilled water inlet temperature.


The cooling water temperature can run normally from 5 to 45 degrees. At present, the refrigeration capacity of the largest product can reach 35KW.

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