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How To Avoid The Leakage Of The Central Air Conditioner

The leakage of the fan coil unit in the central air conditioning does not represent the problem of the central air conditioning.  You can check the door and window to be closed, adjust the air temperature slightly, adjust the air flow angle, and if the problem still exists, you could invite professional central air-conditioning debugging personnel to conduct on-site treatment The main material of the air outlet of the central air conditioning has three kinds: wood material, aluminum alloy material and ABS material. Because of the high price ratio and moderate price, many families are the air vent of aluminum alloy materials. But it is necessary to pay attention to the low temperature of the air supply and the heat preservation in the construction during the summer cooling, and the aluminum alloy material tuyere is easy. The phenomenon of condensation;


When the central air conditioner is installed and construction, it is necessary to ensure that the drainage slope of the condensate water can not be less than 1/100. Before connecting the drainage pipe with the indoor machine, it is necessary to check whether there is dirty or blocked in the indoor sewerage. After installation, the water leakage is avoided. After connecting the indoor and drainage pipes, the drainage test should be carried out to ensure no leakage. Water.


Heat insulation, as far as possible to select high density, flame retardant insulation, different pipe diameter of the pipe to use the corresponding aperture of thermal insulation cotton, wrap heat insulation cotton should not keep any gap between the heat insulation cotton and copper pipe, and to ensure that the copper pipe will not have any bare, the air conditioner leakage at the source.


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