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How To Choose A Right Fan Coil Unit

The household central air conditioning is gradually popularized and entered every corner of people's daily life. As the terminal device of the central air conditioning system, the fan coil unit is widely used in many public places. At present, this type of product can be described in the market, but how to apply the better fan coil unit to the actual project according to the different needs of the owners and design drawings with the design drawings? It can be summary as the follow 2 points.

1. Cooling capacity 

Generally speaking, the product is chosen according to the calculated cold load, but it should be noted that the different fresh air supply modes will lead to different load cooling capacity of the fan coil unit. When the air directly to the wall to the room, without the wet heat treatment of fan coil cooling capacity = indoor cooling load + air cooling load; when the establishment of an independent air system, then the fan coil cooling capacity = indoor cooling load. The current market products are generally nominal cooling capacity and cooling capacity in actual operation should be the average running time of cold quantity * per unit time, is to change the running time or quantity, will affect the cooling capacity of input unit. Therefore, it is not the higher the nominal cooling capacity, and if only the high cooling capacity is chosen, the cooling capacity will be too large, the opening rate is too low, the frequency of air change is reduced, the room temperature gradient is increased, the system capacity and equipment investment will be increased, the energy consumption of the air conditioning is increased and the air conditioning effect is reduced. Therefore, cooling capacity is only one of the necessary conditions for selecting equipment, and other factors should also be taken into consideration.

2, Air volume 

The number of air change is checked mainly according to the quality of the room. The air temperature difference is small, the more the number of ventilation, air quality is better, more comfortable, why do some air conditioning room smell, feel the heart, is not to deal with air check. Because the nominal air volume of the fan coil is measured in the condition that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the air is zero, there are some unrealistic factors. Therefore, the actual determination of the air volume is to deduct the air volume value of this part of the ideal state. Through the experience calculation, this part of the supplementary air volume should be 20-30%. of the nominal air volume.

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