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How To Deal With The Noise Of Fan Coil Unit?

Indoor noise level is high or low due to different installation location and configuration of fan coil units. According to the test results of fan coil units in different installation locations, when fan coil units open high-end speed, its noise field limit value is nc-45, the lower limit is nc-35; when fan coil units open low-end speed, the upper limit value is nc-40, the lower limit value is nc-25.

In view of the above causes of excessive noise in fan coil units, Jinxin suggests that users adopt the following countermeasures:

When selecting fan coil units, users should consider the installation location of fan coil units according to the level of quietness required by the room. When installing a bedroom with high quiet requirement, it can be silenced in the duct between the outlet of fan coil unit and the air supply outlet of the room. The vertical fan coil unit should be installed far away from the bed and table, and the air outlet can also be equipped with silencing device. For general quiet requirement, the medium noise level can be selected. Type or vertical fan coil unit.

Excessive noise will affect the mood of users, and even endanger their health. Jinxin provides customers with solutions to the problem of excessive noise in fan coil units, hoping to reduce the troubles caused by noise to the majority of users, so that users can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment with a pleasant mood, and enjoy the convenience brought by high-tech achievements.


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