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Installation Method Of Water Cassette Fan Coil Unit

1. The cassette type fan coil unit is installed on the horizontal plane, keeping vertical and not inclined. When installing the horizontal unit, the four hanging points must keep the unit level to prevent condensate overflow caused by the elevation of one end of the condensate pipe.

2. The inlet and outlet pipes should be equipped with valves to facilitate regulation and maintenance, and attention must be paid to the cleaning and thermal preservation of the inlet and outlet pipes. The plastic condensate pipes should not be flattened or dead bent to ensure the smooth condensate flow in use.

3. Power supply for cassette type fan coil unit: 220V+10%, 50Hz AC, safe grounding wire should be installed in motor housing. If the unit is difficult to start, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is normal, whether the wind turbine and motor volute are in contact, when installing the unit, attention must be paid to the shell, heat exchanger fins and fans not to be damaged, so as to avoid affecting the beauty and performance.

4. The filter should be cleaned regularly.

5. Heat exchangers are cleaned regularly to ensure good heat transfer.

6. After switching on the power supply, the fan should be started to observe whether the rotation direction is correct.

7. If the cassette type fan coil unit is installed in the dark, it should be equipped with an overhaul door for easy maintenance throughout the year.

8. The power supply should be cut off when the unit is being repaired.

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