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Installation Methods And Precautions For Household Fan Coil Units

Installation methods of household fan coil units:


1. Indoor fan coil units should be installed horizontally.


2. The fan coil unit is hoisted with 10mm diameter hanger rod, which is rust-proof, and is fastened with the fixed nut of the internal machine without loosening.


3. The hoisting position of fan coil unit meets the requirements of indoor air circulation and drawings, and there should be a certain distance between fan coil unit and floor.


4, the pipeline must be kept warm, the thickness of the insulation layer is 25mm-32mm, and the thickness of the condensation water pipe insulation layer is 10mm.


5, U card or other means of fixation, the compression of thermal insulation material is not greater than 2 to 3 mm.


6. The condensate pipeline should maintain a certain gradient, and the gradient of the outlet of the fan coil for natural drainage should not be less than 1% to ensure smooth drainage. The water test does not leak and the drainage test does not contain water.


7. The fan coil pipe line is fixed with a hanger bracket.

Household fan coil installation matters needing attention


1, when the ceiling height exceeds 3 meters, fan coil units are not suitable for smallpox models.


Why: ceiling is too high to use smallpox machine, warm air can not be blown down, affecting the heating effect.


2. Hose connection between condensate pipe and unit.


Why: Vibration caused by the operation of the unit without hose connection will cause water pipes to fall off and leak, pipeline vibration cracking and noise and other faults.


3. When the height of the room exceeds 3 meters, the fan coil unit should not adopt the top-blown diffuser tuyere, and the double-layer louvered tuyere should be used under the tuyere.


Why: winter heating does not come down, affecting the heating effect.


4, indoor air distribution should be reasonable to avoid fan coil air short circuit and open circuit.


Why: Short circuit is mainly pointed out that the tuyere and return tuyere layout is unreasonable, the air supply did not reach the scope of human activity through the return tuyere back to the unit. Circuit breaking mainly points out that the return air is not in the same air conditioning area or the outlet air can not reach the air conditioning area. Short circuit and circuit breaking will seriously affect the cooling and heating effect of fan coil unit.

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