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Introduction Of Double Click Compression Process For Fan Coil Unit

The basic type of two-stage vapor compression fan-coil refrigeration cycle is the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle developed on the basis of the single-stage compression refrigeration cycle. The single-stage compression refrigeration cycle compresses the gas from the evaporator to the condensation pressure; the fan-coil unit is compressed in two stages by two-stage compression, and the fan-coil unit enters the high-pressure stage after the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor optical compressor (or low-pressure cylinder) from the evaporator is compressed to an appropriate intermediate pressure. The compressor (or high pressure cylinder) is again compressed to the condensing pressure and discharged into the condenser.


Therefore, the two-stage compression can be completed by two compressors, the system is called two-stage system (also known as two-stage system), one of which is a low-pressure compressor, fan coil compressor for the other is a high-pressure compressor; can also be completed by a compressor, the system is called a single-stage two-stage system, part of which gas. The cylinder is used as a high pressure cylinder, and the other cylinders are used as low pressure cylinders.

Two-stage compression refrigeration cycles have different forms because of their throttle series and different intermediate cooling modes. Throttling series can be divided into one stage throttling and two stage throttling. Intermediate cooling mode is divided into complete cooling in the middle, incomplete cooling in the fan-coil unit and non-cooling in the middle. Stage throttle means that from condensation pressure to evaporation pressure is accomplished by a throttle valve; Stage 2, fan coil unit means that one throttle valve throttles condensation pressure to intermediate pressure, and then another throttle valve throttles from intermediate pressure to evaporation pressure.


Intermediate complete cooling refers to the isobaric cooling of low-pressure compressor exhaust gas into saturated vapor under intermediate pressure; Intermediate incomplete cooling refers to the isobaric cooling of low-pressure compressor exhaust gas, but ultimately saturated, is still superheated vapor; Intermediate non-cooling refers to the exhaust gas of low-pressure compressor directly into. The two-stage compression refrigeration cycle can be divided into five forms.

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