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Make Life More Comfortable-fresh Air Fan Coil Unit System

The high quality air environment should meet the following requirements. First, the temperature is suitable. Second, the air quality is excellent. The fan coil and the new wind can play a double effect. The former is responsible for adjusting the temperature, the latter ensures the quality of the air, and the two will cooperate with each other to realize the quality of the indoor environment.

The fan coil and fresh air system are widely used in the air conditioning system. The two parties have a clear division of labor, and they bear the indoor cold, wet load and new wind load, which are mainly used in the indoor environment of civil buildings. When selecting the system, it is critical to investigate the capacity of wet load handling. The characteristics of the system are as follows:

First, the use of the system can prevent the generation of indoor bacteria and keep the indoor clean and refreshing. Although the fan coil unit and the fresh air system have different requirements for the cold water temperature, they can carry out different load commitments, cooperate closely and work efficiently.

Second, a wide range of use. If it is in the humid environment in the south for a long time, it is very suitable to use this system. It can solve the excessive moisture problem that the central air conditioning can't handle and improve the air environment.

Third, the shape design is simple and generous, and the operation is convenient. Fan coil unit plus fresh air is flexible enough for temperature adjustment, installation and cleaning are very simple. It is very small in size and is easy to carry.

Fourth, zoning control. The powerful control function makes the fan coil unit plus fresh air system popular, and can be applied to different areas of the environment. The adjustment ability is strong, it can perfectly handle the air problem in each area, and there will be no deviation.

The above is the characteristic advantage of fan coil unit plus fresh air system. In the actual use process, it also has some limitations, such as the store type of building is not suitable, the reason is that it is difficult to meet the excessive capacity of wet load treatment. In addition, in the use of air-conditioning, condensation water or seepage phenomenon occurs frequently, and needs to be cleaned regularly.

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