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MECO Cassette Series Fan Coil Unit.

MECO's cassette type series fan coil unit is developed by long time producing and selling experience. As a complex product in this field, cassette type fan coil unit is always a hard point for many manufactories.  After a long time development MECO have make the cassette type fan coil is a kind of product which is: stable ; durable; easy to install; low noise and high efficiency  product.  Now, the MECO' S cassette type fan coil unit is the most competitive product in center air-condition endmost equipment market.

MECO's cassette type fan coil unit has the characteristics as follow:

Design of panel can avoid the air-short flowing. The unit body is easy to installed in a limit ceiling.

Remote controller is standard the unit can also use wire controller.

quiet running

High lift water drained pump (750mm)

Float switch inside to prevent from leaking

Fresh air can be input from outdoor to improve indoor air quality

Auxiliary duct is available to send part of air to other place in order to improve indoor temperature and air quality.

Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on mod-bus protocol. 

4 pipe system is optional

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