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Precautions For Fan Coil Unit Cleaning

The use of any electrical appliances need us to take maintenance measures, and to regular maintenance, so that it can extend the service life of electrical appliances, so that it will serve for a long time. Fan-coil unit is the most well-known in air-conditioning system, but how much do you know about fan-coil unit cleaning? The following will be introduced for you.


Fan coil cleaning----The filter


The filter net is usually cleaned once for 3 months, and the cleaning mode of air filter net of air filter is considered from the angle of convenience, shortcut and small workload. The suction cleaning method should be the first choice. The greatest advantage of this method is that the filter net should not be dismantled when cleaning. For the wet, heavy, and sticky dust that are not easy to absorb, we should use the dismantling filter net to press or scrub with water, or to clean it with water, clean it, and then put it back on the filter net frame. The cleaning work of the air filter is the most frequent and workload in the maintenance work of the fan coil, which must be given full attention and reasonable arrangement.

Fan coil cleaning----The water tray


The water receiving plate is cleaned two times a year. If the fan coil is only seasonally used, it should be cleaned once it is used. The washing method is usually washed by water, and the sewage is discharged from the drain pipe. In order to disinfect and sterilize, we should wash the cleaned water tray with disinfectant (such as bleach).


Fan coil cleaning----The fan motor


Clean the fan impeller once a year according to the dirt and dust. Because the air filter can not capture all the dust, the leakage of the net dust will adhere to the bending part of the fan blade, which makes the performance of the fan blade change and the quality is increased. If it is not cleaned in time, the air supply volume of the fan will obviously decrease, and the electricity consumption will increase.


Fan coil coils are highly specialized in cleaning, and many special tools will be used. Therefore, the comfort of 100 experts suggest that the user should seek professional maintenance personnel for cleaning, so that it can avoid the unreasonable cleaning, and can avoid the damage of parts.

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