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Problems In Fresh Air System Of Fan Coil Units

There are the following problems in the air conditioning system of fan coil unit plus fresh air.


1. Fresh air units usually use cooling coil to dehumidify, the coil surface has long-term water, when it stops running (night and non-working days), the surface temperature rises, and contacts with air, which provides nutritional conditions for microbial reproduction and pollutes fresh air.


2. Generally, there are only crude filters in fresh air units. When the outdoor air quality deteriorates, the introduction of fresh air can not only play a diluting role, but also destroy the indoor air quality.

3. According to the indoor temperature regulation, the fan coil unit is weak in controlling humidity. In transition season, with the decrease of sensible heat load, in order to maintain indoor air temperature, the water temperature of fan coil unit increases correspondingly, the dehumidification ability decreases correspondingly, and the indoor moisture content increases.


4. Indoor fan-coil unit bears indoor heat and humidity load, and condensate water is produced during dehumidification process, which is prone to bacterial breeding and leakage pollution of the ceiling. The wet coil surface often becomes the breeding ground of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, and microorganisms pollute the internal environment of the whole building with the introduction of air.

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