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Rationality Of Return Air Supply To Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil unit adjusts the indoor and outdoor air by the way of return air, only to ensure that the indoor air is updated. Now let's take a look at the way of return air from fan coil unit to get a detailed understanding.

The way of air supply and return will form the so-called air distribution. Its rationality directly affects the uniformity and stability of temperature and velocity fields in air-conditioned rooms, and also affects the quality of air-conditioning effect.

Reasonable air distribution will require a certain air supply speed to avoid short circuit and ensure a certain jet length. The speed of the air depends mainly on the static pressure outside the machine, the air supply volume and the air supply outlet and other factors.

When the static pressure is too low outside the fan coil unit, it will lead to the decrease of air volume, the decrease of range, the uneven cooling and heating of the room, and there will be a big difference between the design air distribution and the actual operation state on the curve. Therefore, we should select the appropriate wind volume and wind speed index according to the actual building pattern and the structure form of the room when choosing the fan coil unit. Type of coil.

At present, there is no unified standard for the external static pressure value of each manufacturer. When the difference is large, plus the horizontal concealed units used in some construction sites, the resistance value of the inlet and return grids is relatively large, so the external static pressure value of 30 Pa is selected when the actual order is made, and some rooms even choose 50 Pa units with external static pressure value, which is larger than the conventional 20 Pa or so. Resistance value.

Through this article, I think you should know the way the fan coil unit sends back air, and hope that this article can help you choose the fan coil unit suitable for you, and understand how to use it reasonably. If you have any other questions, please contact us in time.

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