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Selection And Maintenance Of Fan Coil Unit

Coil is responsible for transferring the cold and hot water heat to the air passing through the fan coil unit. In order to ensure efficient heat transfer, the surface of the coil must be kept as clean as possible. However, fan coil units are generally equipped with coarse filter, hole is relatively large, in the beginning of use, it is inevitable that dust through the filter and adhere to the coil pipe or fin surface. If it is not cleaned in time, the heat exchange between the hot and cold water in the coil and the air flowing through the coil will be reduced, and the heat transfer efficiency of the coil can not be brought into full play. If there is a lot of dust attached, and even some air passages between the fins are blocked, it will also reduce the fan coil air supply, further reducing the air conditioning performance.

Cleaning method can refer to the air filter cleaning method, but the cleaning cycle can be longer, generally once a year. If it is seasonal air conditioning, then clean it once the air conditioning season is over. Unless absolutely necessary, do not use the whole from the installation site to remove clean way to reduce the amount of clean service and the impact of disassembly service.




Dust and bacteria accumulate on the fins and impellers after a period of use. When the dust reaches a certain thickness, the heat dissipation effect of the fins will be affected, resulting in room temperature can not meet the requirements. In addition, the long-term unclean fan coil will breed a variety of bacteria, these bacteria can cause human respiratory tract. Therefore, fan coil units should be cleaned regularly.


Cleaning meaning:


1, eliminate the bacteria and dust in the sending and returning air system to improve indoor air quality.

2、降低变风量空调机组的风阻,提高热交换效率,增加送风量,节省 能源;

2. Reduce the wind resistance of VAV air conditioning units, improve heat exchange efficiency, increase air supply, save energy;


3, regular maintenance of fan coil system to extend the service life of the unit.

4、 降低运行成本,提升资产价值;

4, reduce operating costs and enhance asset value;

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