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Several Reasons For The Leakage Of The Fan Coil

As the improvement of living standard, domestic central air conditioning is popular with its advantages such as comfort, intelligence and environmental protection, and it can be harmonized with the whole decoration style by skillful design and installation, so that the interior machine is hidden in the ceiling and does not affect the decoration wind in the living room. It can meet the individual needs of different people. Please. What is the cause of the leakage of the central air conditioner? Now let's get to know the following.

1. The humidity of the air is large

In the summer air humidity is wet, in the use of central air conditioning, if the air conditioning outlet humidity is especially large, and the indoor humidity is large, the water vapor produced in the air conditioning is easily condensed into water droplets. The more water droplets accumulate, the leakage phenomenon appears.

2. Installation problems

Three points equipment, seven installs. If the position of the indoor air conditioner is offset, it will lead to poor drainage of the drainpipe or unqualified level. It will also cause water leakage due to excessive water accumulation. Another point is that when the installation of the wall hole is too high, leading to a high drainage pipe side position, it will cause drainage pipe is not smooth. If the indoor unit is not installed properly, the connection between the drainpipe and the indoor unit is not strong enough. The condensate will flow out of the gap, causing water leakage. All these problems will cause leakage in the central air-conditioning system.

3. Heat insulation of the pipe

At present, the indoor pipes of the household central air conditioning are basically copper pipes, because the temperature of the refrigerant circulates in the copper tube is very low. If the quality of the heat insulation cotton is poor or the thermal insulation cotton is not wrapped, it can not get good heat preservation, the surface of the pipe will cause condensation, the water drop product is less and the drop of water is less, and the ceiling is soaked. Even soak the wall, so that the wall coating will fall off.

4. Improper use of air conditioning

When the drainpipe is not easy to discharge water gradually overflow to the mouth of the indoor sink, there will be water leakage.

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