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Some Key Points When Selecting Fan Coils

When we select fan coil units, we first determine the required air volume, air pressure, cold heat, air outlet noise, and air filtration requirements of the fan coil unit. It based on the load calculation results of the air-conditioning system. However, due to various reasons such as designing or manufacturing, we often find that the selected fan coil units have problems of one kind or another, such as insufficient air-cooling, insufficient cold, dew condensation on the outside of the cabinet, condensation of overflowing water, and surface coolers. After the paragraph with water and other issues. Therefore, this requires us to strictly control the quality of our equipment when selecting equipment and prevent it from happening. Your own experience of the following points

  1. Box insulation; In order to prevent condensation on the outer shell of the box, the national standard specifies that the thermal resistance of the box insulation should not be less than 0.68m-2/kW while also preventing the cold bridges generated at the joints of the boxes. Insulation materials currently use PEF or polyurethane foam.

  2. Wind speed at the windward side: At present, in order to reduce the external dimensions of some products, some manufacturers often obtain larger wind speeds at the windward side of the air-conditioning box. This results in the consequences of water carried by the cold section of the air-conditioning box; for example, the design of the water flap is unreasonable. The problem is even worse. Therefore, when selecting the type, we should control the wind speed of the surface air cooler to 2~2.5m/s.

  3. Leakage Index: According to national standards, when the combined air-conditioning box has a static pressure of 700 Pa in the box, the air leakage rate in the box must not exceed 3%. In actual use, we found that the leakage rate of the air-conditioning box in the scene was as high as 10%. This analysis is mainly caused by the following reasons. (1) The sealing material has poor performance. (2) Unreasonable structural design of the unit (3) Poor installation  (4) The rigidity of the plenum of the large air volume is poor, and it is easy to deform when the air conditioning system starts and stops.

  4. Lack of cooling and heating capacity:  we must personally understand its product testing methods when conducting field trips to manufacturers.

  5. Drain pan overflow: This problem is currently the most common phenomenon in the use of air-conditioned boxes, the user's response is also the most intense. The reasons for this problem are as follows: (1) The wind speed on the windward side is too large. (2) The heatexchanger is in the negative pressure section. No water seal is provided at the factory. (3) The length and depth of the drain pan are not enough. Regarding the problem of excessive wind speed on the windward side, we have already mentioned that for the determination of the height of the water seal installed in the unit and the length and depth of the condensate pan, we should consult with the manufacturer when ordering the negative pressure value of the cold section. determine.


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