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The Noise Control Method Of Fan Coil Unit Is Introduced In Detail

Generally, there will be some noise in fan coil units, many people do not understand, in fact, major manufacturers have been studying how to minimize noise. Today, Baowu Xiaobian made the following detailed introduction on "noise control of fan coil units". In fact, there are two main types of noise in fan coil units:

(1) Mechanical oscillation noise. During the operation of the unit, the vibration noise of the blade, the fan, the fan shaft and the unit shell occurs.

(2) Aerodynamic noise. The air flows through the return air filter, the movement of air in the body, the fins of the air-blown heat exchanger and the noise generated by the movement of air in the fan. So this aerodynamic noise, ah, has become the primary source of wind coil noise.

Ways to reduce noise in fan coil units:

(1) Reducing the noise of mechanical oscillation. In the aspect of structure planning, Baowu air conditioner should optimize the structure of the unit shell, increase the structural strength of the unit shell, avoid the bending deformation of the thinner sheet metal after accepting greater force, and the structure of the fixed plate of the fan and motor of the equipment should have sufficient strength. After the overall structure planning of the unit is completed, the natural frequency of the unit shell should be calculated by using the finite element analysis software to check whether the natural frequency of the unit shell is close to the applicable rotational speed frequency of the fan and motor, so as to avoid forming resonance.

(2) Reducing aerodynamic noise. Aerodynamic noise is caused by the fluctuation of gas pressure and the interaction between gas and other objects. In order to reduce aerodynamic noise, we can improve the structure of individual components, or start from the structure of the whole unit, add noise-eliminating components at the outlet or intake to reduce the noise of the whole unit. Fan coil fan blade can be planned as airfoil and optimized by finite element analysis.

Whether the fan coil unit reduces the speed of the fan or the diameter of the impeller, these things will constitute the reduction of the air volume and pressure, and then cause the reduction of the refrigeration capacity of the unit. The fin spacing of heat exchanger has a great influence on noise. We add a silencing section in front of the general horizontal concealed fan coil unit, and then use the corrugated fin heat exchanger with 2.5 mm and 1.5 mm fin spacing to test the noise value before the outlet of the unit.

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