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The Principle Of Saving Electricity From The Coil Of Frequency Conversion Fan Coil Unit

The frequency conversion fan coil is based on the common fan coil. The DC brushless motor is selected, and the frequency conversion control system is added. Its basic structure and refrigeration principle are exactly the same as the ordinary fan coil.

The energy saving capability of the variable frequency fan coil unit, from the product itself, when the air conditioner starts, setting a low temperature, the air conditioning is running at a higher frequency and power, in a short time (usually the 1/2 of the constant frequency air conditioning) to reach the set temperature, and then the air conditioning operates at a lower frequency and maintains the temperature set in the room. After reaching the set temperature, the variable frequency fan coil is recovered for a long time and low speed operation, so the power consumption is smaller than the ordinary fan coil energy saving between 10% and 45%, and the general high-end brand can reach more than more than 40 percent.

As the frequency converter fan coil through the converter, at any time regulating the fan coil motor, the speed of the fan's operation, in a simple way, the fan coil motor will not work frequently, but keep the stable working state. The benefits are obvious: low noise, longer service life, and electricity savings. Of course, the advantage of power saving is based on long-term use, that is, the longer the inverter fan coil is on, the more power is saved.

Another direct effect on motor inverter fan coil, so the choice of DC brushless motor compressor of good quality in order to achieve the best energy saving effect,

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