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The Quality Of The Fan Coil Determines The Air Conditioning Effect

Fan coil as the end of the central air conditioning equipment, the quality of the decision of indoor air-conditioning effect. At the same time, its cleaning problems also have a direct impact on the use of central air conditioning. Many dust particles in the atmosphere, the long-term pumping, return air, the fan aluminum fins are full of dirt, on the one hand, affected the chilled water and hot air heat exchange so that the air temperature drop affected; the other hand, On the one hand, it also affected the sending of cool air which had been cooled down after heat exchange, resulting in the fact that the room was still not cold due to the air conditioning. Because the central air-conditioning host after cooling 7 degrees of water into the fan coil in the fan coil after the exchange of 15-16 degrees cold air, so that the room temperature is reduced. Therefore, the central air conditioning in use for some time, it is necessary to clean the fan aluminum fins to solve the above drawbacks.

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