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Types And Maintenance Methods Of Coils

There are two kinds of surface coolers: one is the fan-coil unit heat exchanger, its performance determines the fan-coil unit to convey cold (heat) capacity and the impact of air volume. This equipment is commonly used in air conditioners. The two is air-cooled fin condenser in air conditioning unit.

The maintenance method of surface coolers:


  1. The surface cooler is usually installed directly in the air conditioner. Its service status and service quality affect the indoor air quality and noise level.

  2. Maintenance of the surface cooler coil: the coil bears the important mission of cooling the cold water and cooling the air of the cold fan coil. High efficiency heat ensures smooth surface coils that must be maintained as far as possible. However, the fan coil is generally equipped with coarse filter, hole is very large, when used, it is inevitable that dust filter coil tube and fin surface attachment. If, time cleaning, coil cold water and air flow outside the coil between the reduction of heat exchange capacity, so that the coil heat exchange function, give full play to. If there is a lot of dust attached, even part of the air passage between the fins is blocked, and the fan coil air volume, reduce, and air conditioning performance decline.


    The coil cleaning clean air filter maintenance method protection method, the cleaning cycle is long, ordinary 1 year return. If it is the use of seasonal air-conditioning, the use of air-conditioning will be cleaned after the end of the season.

Troubleshooting of surface coolers:


1. The fouling between the smooth tube and the fin of the surface cooler: After a period of operation, the dust in the air is stuck between the fin and the smooth tube of the surface cooler, which makes the whole or part of the surface cooler fouled and blocked, reduces the air flow rate and affects the heat exchange effect of the surface cooler. The fouling problem can be solved by cleaning the surface cooler regularly.


2. Leakage: Surface cooler runs in damp condition all the year round, its pipeline and weld are easy to be corroded, resulting in leakage or running water. Only when the pressure test on the surface cooler is carried out regularly, can the accident be avoided, so as to ensure the safe operation of the cooler.

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