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Why The Noise Of Fan Coil Unit Get Bigger And Bigger? How To Solve This Problem.

When the installation is completed, the users sometimes find that the noise of the fan coil becomes larger and more serious as the wind speed increases.

This phenomenon usually has the following reasons:

 1) During the process of installation and construction, the damping measures are poor and resonance occurs in operation.


2) there are foreign objects in the air duct;

3) fan blade deformation or motor bearing damage, dynamic balance deterioration. In case of this kind of phenomenon, please check whether the support and hanger of the coil is loose or not, then open the air duct to check and remove foreign objects. Finally, rotate the wind wheel with your hand to check whether the rotation is stable, and whether it can be stopped at any position freely. If each time is free to stop at a fixed position, the problem of impeller balancing should be changed. At the same time, check whether there is noise in the motor rotation. If there is any noise, it is usually caused by the abnormal friction of the motor bearing, and the motor bearing can be replaced.

In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, the construction process should be paid attention to: 

1) Adopt vibration damping bearing and hanger to install coil.

 2) Pay attention to the fixed fixed-point of each connection to avoid loose and falling objects in the process of use. During the maintenance phase, we should check and clean regularly, and pay attention to the temperature of the motor and shaft, and often lubricate and lubricate the bearings.

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